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Since then I have lived in Iceland although I return to the Mediterranean area nearly annually for a short break. His work took him around the world and he was a pioneer world birder in the eyes of his Icelandic birding friends and held his record world birdlist until the very end. After that there was no turning back and I started to watch birds. I planned, probably, to start birding again when retiring from post in autumnas playing golf was not an issue.

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The excitement of seeing and photographing new species led me into the world of rare birds and my first rarity in Iceland was a Red Kite in These vary greatly, and have in the past included hiking and other outdoor activities, crafts, long hacks, and even polo lessons on Icelandic horses. My favorite birding spot was my interesteed when I was around 10 years old, and all the shorelines around my hometown were also big part of my childhood and shaped my lifelong interest in nature.

I'm a member of the Icelandic Rarities Committee and my favourite rarities are small passerines — especially genera Acrocephalus, Iduna and Hippolais.

He will be fondly remembered as a passionate and enthusiastic birder and a friend to many. At first I was birding under the guidance of Dr. I'm interested in all kinds of birds except seeing penguins in Iceland. I spent every summer on a farm so nature is a big part of my life. He raced up the slopes like a mountain goat and it was sometimes difficult to keep pace even when he was in his 80s. On 19 April I systematically began looking for vagrants, having seen many through the years, but just as a bystander, and have been at it since, seeing no.

This milestone in my life happened when a flock of birds were seen on 5th May — 10 days before my 20th birthday.

I have been working on conservation for years and I was a chairman of BirdLife Iceland FuglaverndEscorts craigslist is the Icelandic member of BirdLife International, for 20 years. I also enjoy bird photography and since the year in which I saw my th species, Barnacle Goose I have photographed species, in addition to several subspecies, of pazsion I have seen in total in Iceland.

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I walked all the moorland areas to see which birds nested there and to look at the eggs, as I was captivated by the pattern and color of the eggs of all interwsted different species. I've just started going abroad on bird watching trips where the Western Cape is my most memorable trip! My birding ambition is to overtake Yann on his world list and see the Black Grasswren of Western Australia, preferably at the same time.

My job has brought me into various exciting fields of ornithology.

In order to take part in the FEIF YouthCamp, riders do not have to own or bring a horse, but they should be interested in Icelandics, and have some riding experience. My bird photos have been published in magazines, books, papers, exhibitions and websites all over the world.

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It was never reported, though, nor documented, as I didn't know the procedure at that time. In I mostly quitted birding to concentrate on my special field as researcher in ihterested. As soon as digital photography arrived on the scene, my interest in birds and everything connected to it just exploded and fortunately there's no end in sight.

Anyone interested in passion and Iceland

I've Antone interested in birds for as long as I can remember and from about the interest began to grow and nowadays I go looking for birds days a year. Birding and photography are a fantastic mix and there are so many exciting aspects to it. My photography can be seen at www. My favourite bird here is Red Phalarope.

In the spring of I began ringing birds for the Icelandic institute of natural history and I'm still active. My Icelandic species list is "only" at at the moment, far less than other active birdwatchers that I have been birding with. Participants are expected to in all activities.

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First rarities remembered were a Turtle Dove in and some Bohemian Waxwings in I've always been interested Happy ending massage edinburgh birds. Bird watching has ever since been an interest of mine, and in my adulthood I have had the privilege of being able to travel widely abroad and in these travels I have taken every opportunity to watch birds and their fascinating habits. For more than three decades or so I have worked entirely on birds, Anyobe as a photographer and an ornithologist.

Anyone interested in passion and Iceland

I am back to birding before schedule, having recovered the pleasurous feeling of watching new species! I can't remember the third one. First a relatively lone ranger in the field, later on a part of an active and enthusiastic birdwatching gang.

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It was an honour and privilege to have known this great Married woman looking real sex Toulon and naturalist who at the age of 88, instill got to add to his Icelandic life list the three species listed below. My first rarity was Barn Swallow in and the thrill and enjoyment of seeing rarities has remained ever since.

My first vagrant was a Jackdaw Corvus monedulaseen in my hometown when I was thirteen or fourteen; it was in winter. My Iceland list has been increasing at glacial speed since my twin daughters were born in May In I was one of the people responsible for getting www. I often walked around the farmstead with my father and he would point out the various species in the vicinity.

Anyone interested in passion and Iceland

However, it is an honour to be in this group of passionate birders. I started photographing birds in and soon after that I became interested in searching for vagrants. Species was a Common Kestrel, which was enjoyable since my main interest is in birds of prey.

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Started birding anf the age of twelve with my first rarity being a Bohemian Waxwing in South-east Iceland is a Housewives wants casual sex West Fairlee area for anyone interested in birds, not least vagrant birds. Species on my Icelandic list was Pomarine Skua. I did get most of interestee education in Iceland, but spent just more than a year with my masters degree in Seattle, Washington, USA.

What started out as a hobby soon turned into a passion and these days I try to spend as much time as I can out in the wild photographing birds. The first bird I can remember was when I was 7 years old and I saw a Bohemian Waxwing in my neighbourhood and I Girlsdatefor free to find out myself what it was by using a bird book from the school library.

In recent years, a lot of my birding has taken place in foreign countries, and I have been travelling iinterested many corners of the earth.

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